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Visalia seeks voter extension of 48-cent fee

Visalia property owners are being asked to continue paying 48 cents a month for flood control. They’re currently paying the fee in their water bills.

They’ll get to vote on keeping the per-parcel fee when mail-in balloting starts Jan. 31 and ends in mid-March.

Since 1997, the money has been used to pay Visalia’s share of enlarging Lake Kaweah. But the city’s share is now paid for, so officials are proposing that the funds be used to help maintain of the city’s storm drain system.

Under the proposal, 43 cents would go to increased storm drain maintenance and the other five cents to upkeep of Terminus Dam.

Under Proposition 218, voters must approve parcel fees like this one. To date, no organized opposition has emerged.

The city will hold community information meetings Feb. 7 at Fairview Elementary School on and Feb. 21 at Visalia Unified School District. Information:

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