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Real Estate: Flipping Fresno?

Invitation to “Flipping Fresno,” an investment workshop presented by the two men from the cable television show “Flipping Boston.”

One of my editors got this notice in the mail last week.

It’s a special invitation to a pre-auction event at the Radisson Hotel and Conference Center in Fresno on Wednesday where you can learn the investment strategies of Peter Souhleris and Dave Seymour – the stars of “Flipping Boston” a cable television show on A&E.

By attending, you can get access to government real estate programs, money and private pre-auction real estate inventories, the invite says.

But registration is limited. Are you a participant? Have you attended one of these things and learned enough to be a successful investor? Let me know.

It doesn’t look like they are filming an actual show in Fresno, which at first glance, this card makes it seem like they are. They’re just coming to town to show you how to be an investor.

What are your thoughts on these workshops?


Roger s. says:

Can anyone offer any insite into these seminars? Is this another Montelongo type REI seminar where they ultimately require about $5000 to teach you anything further to really get started? i just received an identical invite in the mail, but it says pre-auction live event flipping “california.” i live in the inland empire of so cal and the live events are over three days in ontario, riverside and pasadena.

BoNhia Lee says:

I have not spoken to anyone who has participated in these seminars. I would be interested to know as well.

Debbie says:

I got taken for 50K

Roger s. says:

I just attended the one day introductory in Riverside, CA. It was now entitled The Flipping formula by the same two TV personalities. Very basic info was offered and during the intro they offered the opportunity to sign up for the 3-day long instruction and access to $500,000 hard money loan. It was at a cost of $6000.00, but if you signed up right then for a limited number of people they dropped the price to $1,997.00. Although they stated just a very limited amount of persons could attend the training, they pretty much allowed anyone in the room (approx 75-100) during the rest of the presentation to sign up if they wanted. There was another speaker present, but separate from the Flipping seminar that offered to sell you a training package to deal in tax leins and tax deals. The price was $1597, but if you had registered for the Flipping seminar the price would be discounted to $997.

Is there anyone who has attended the Flipping Fresno or Flipping formula or any other Flipping type seminar sponsored by these two TV personalities that can offer some insight into their course?

Debbie says:

Run Run Run, we spent all that and more. They got us for 50K.

Tim says:

It’s a complete waste of time!!! They guarantee your money back if it does not work for you, then say you need to take on a mentor for quite a bit more money!!! Nothing they teach is more then basic marketing strategy of buy low, sell high. There were a couple amateur house flipping people there who knew a ton more then was taught. Other then the main speaker, I believe the rest of his crew were paid actors, nobody could answer basic questions but referred everyone to the mentor-ship program. 3 days of repetition motivational synergistic BS on if you believe you can, nothing can stop you!

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