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Real Estate: Fresno architect’s design of a Florida home will appear on HGTV

The Hilton House in Panama City, Fla.
Photo provided by Arthur Dyson.

Fresno architect Arthur Dyson’s free-flowing design of a house nestled among the sand dunes of Panama City in Florida will appear on HGTV’s “Extreme Homes” show at 9 p.m. Thursday night.

Dyson, who studied under famed designer Frank Lloyd Wright, was picked in a worldwide search by Panama City businessman Charles Hilton and his wife, Lela, to design their seaside home, Dyson said.

The 9,500-square-foot house captures the fluidity of the surrounding ocean waves using Dyson’s trademark designs of sweeping lines and curves with a focus on scale, texture and color.

The open floor plan has few walls creating a seamless transition throughout the five-bedroom, six bathroom home. The primary rooms are suspended on concrete pods at various levels inside the house. A staircase winds around a glass-enclosed elevator while a second stairway curves around native palm plants.

A blue-green tinted glass provides the homeowners with unobstructed views of the ocean while a large wing-like white roof shields the home from the sun.

Dyson, who declined to reveal the cost of the house, is modest when asked about how he feels about his work now that that house is finished.

“I feel that the greatest success of the home is that it truly expresses itself with the symbolic poetry of its occupants,” Dyson said.

Some of Dyson’s local projects include the Woodward Park Regional Library, University High School Campus, a football-shaped Sanger home, and the Fresno Betsuin Buddhist Temple’s Family Dharma Center.

Interior of the Hilton House which has blue-green tinted glass and an open floor plan.
Photo provided by Arthur Dyson


Jason Malouf says:


Great article on this house. Our company, Faour Glass Technologies, did all the glass work on the home. Do you have the HGTV link from the episode yet?
Thank you-

BoNhia Lee says:

Sorry for taking such a long time to reply. Here’s a link to the Extreme Homes website which has a short description of the episode.

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