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Real Estate: Watch This Property alerts tenants to foreclosure

A start-up company in Oakland wants to help tenants keep tabs on their landlord and know their rights if their rental home goes into foreclosure.

Watch This Property is an online company that tracks the foreclosure status of a property through notices filed with the county recorder’s office. Then it alerts tenants to any changes in ownership or if the property goes into foreclosure.

“We’re trying to help people stay in their homes,” said Melody Simpson, a co-founder who was in Fresno this week to promote the company’s services. “It’s just about giving them access to information and directing them to the resources they need so they know what their rights are.”

Simpson and her partners started the company last January and said they were inspired by a move from Fresno County Assessor Paul Dictos to inform tenants of their rights too.

Dictos mailed a “Know Your Rights” fact sheet early last year to every home in Fresno County that had a notice of default recorded against it.

“We were doing what he was doing and so we thought that was cool,” Simpson said.

Here’s how the website works:

  • Tenants or homeowners who want to keep track of a foreclosure can sign up for free alerts when a notice of default, a notice of trustees sale or a deed of sale is filed.
  • The free service also helps tenants verify who the owner of the property is and provides them with local resources for foreclosure help, Simpson said.
  • There is a paid service, which costs $3.99 a month, to have the company monitor liens, an auction status and sales dates.

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Howard K. Watkins says:

What a great public service, especially since the low, monthly subscription is an optional service! Kudos, too, to our County Assessor, Paul Dictos, to alerting tenants of their rights in foreclosures.

Susanne Alexander says:

WTP has been a valuable resource in monitoring the status of our home as we navigate a loan modification.

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