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Four Valley residents arrested at SF gay marriage protest

Fresno resident Robin McGehee, a board member of the national gay rights organization Get Equal, as well as three other Valley residents, were arrested today during a protest at San Francisco City Hall’s clerk’s office.

The group, along with other same-sex couples, had asked for marriage licenses as part of Freedom to Marry Week. This is the 13th year the Valentine’s Day protest has taken place.

McGehee identified the other Valley residents arrested as Candi Hood and her partner, Kristin Beasley, of Reedley, and Jennifer McGuire of Visalia.

They were cited for unlawful protest after they refused to leave the clerk’s office, McGehee said. A total of 15 people were arrested.

“They did cuff us,” McGehee said. “Then they took us to the basement for processing and paperwork.”


Paul says:

Nice to see them getting treated equally bad when they act stupid in public !
You have the right to be locked up…

Erik says:

Way to go girls!!!

They had to arrest MLK too.

sick says:

More waste of tax dollars. Lock up the deviants and throw away the key

Peter Robertson says:

Who wrote this headline: “SF gay marriage protest” for THE FRESNO BEE? It wasn’t a GAY marriage protest, but a protest against STRAIGHT-ONLY marriage!

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