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b2burns says:

There is no question that the left in Sacramento wanted Perez to defeat Vidak. The minimum wage issue was manufactured to signal unions to rally around her and thereby solidify their super-majority chokehold on taxpayers.

Tom Lee says:

Tom LeeCollapse

Because of three so call small financed candidates, Laticia Perez lost. All of them were used for a reason to get extra to Andy Vidak, a small plus he required to win. But Mohammad O Arif is the only candidate who was running by his own and made a great favor to Republicans. He did help Republican and Mohammad were a factor for Perez loss in the Race. Mohammad claim to win the Race and loss waight but he was not successful in both. May be Mr.Arif was talking about others; Andy to win RaCe and Perez to LoOsE weight. Lol

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