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Wealthy GOP donor Munger gives $150k to Fresno Co. GOP

It has been rumored for months that Charles T. Munger Jr. — one of California’s most influential Republican donors — would weigh in financially on Fresno’s Measure G campaign.

On Tuesday, the money came: $150,000.

Charles T. Munger Jr.

But the cash went to the Fresno County Republican Central Committee, and not to Measure G.

The question is, will the money benefit the June 4 special election, in which Fresno voters will be asked whether the city should privatize its residential trash pickup?

Measure G certainly seems like an idea Munger would support.

Last year, he gave $35 million to support Proposition 32, which would have banned payroll-deducted money from state and local politicking, and to oppose Gov. Jerry Brown’s Proposition 30 tax initiative.

Tim Clark, the lead consultant for the Yes on G campaign, and a person who also has a contract with the Fresno County Republican Central Committee that runs through June 15 for various party activities, said that some of the cash could possibly help the Measure G campaign, but it would not be directly. Any help would be indirect, though campaign work done by the Fresno County GOP.

But, he said, none of Munger’s money is specifically earmarked for any Measure G activities. And Clark also pointed out that Munger has given to other county Republican Party organizations.

“It’s about getting the party healthy and ready for battle,” Clark said of the contribution, which showed up Tuesday on the Secretary of State’s website as a late contribution report from Munger.

“It’s for the Fresno County Republican Party. Charles likes to invest in the party structure.”

As part of that, Clark said, Fresno County is ground zero for several competitive elections. Among them are the July 23 special election runoff in the 16th Senate District between Republican Andy Vidak and Democrat Leticia Perez, and an expected tough congressional re-election battle next year for Hanford Republican David Valadao.

But the Fresno County GOP also unanimously supported Measure G this year, and it will do get-out-the-vote work on that June 4 election. Some of Munger’s cash infusion might help that effort, Clark said.


Frank says:

This is great news for the Fresno County GOP. The party needs to rebuild, getting some much needed financial support will help with that effort.

Mike Campbell says:

Glad to see that statewide donors care about party building in all of CA. It’s about time the GOP has the financial support to compete in this state. Hopefully this money goes to helping Vidak in the run off.

Mary Harris says:

John Ellis, where was your article about No on G running money from Sunset Waste through Henry Perea to their campaign? Follow the money? When it’s coming from the right? haha

John Ellis says:

Dear Mary Harris, Here is the very item you asked for, which ran almost a month ago in The Bee:

John Ellis

Grumpy says:

How about MacDonald Aviation LLC giving the Yes on G Campaign a $49,000 check plus all the other businesses that kicked in $5,000…$10,000…and $20,000 checks?

As they are businesses, this vote doesn’t impact them whatsoever since if they’re within the City they’re already on private trash pick ups.

Its just the other side of the coin from your argument Mary…both sides are playing games. Call it equally or not at all.

Elizabeth Warren says:

“Last year, he gave $35 million to support Proposition 32, which would have banned payroll-deducted money from state and local politicking, and to oppose Gov. Jerry Brown’s Proposition 30 tax initiative.”

Sure makes 150k look like small potatoes…what is that .03%? Send more! Let’s spend that getting Vidak in office!

Michelle Gonzalez says:

Why is it always newsworthy when a donor makes a contribution to a conservative cause? This is money that the man has earned and is his to do with as he pleases. On the other hand…organized labor groups force contributions from their members and then spend said money on lefty liberal causes with zero input from the folks they took the money from! Now that is something worth talking about.

Laura White says:

Thank you Mr. Munger!

Time to stick it to those Dems! Maybe the party will be able to afford to run some more effective campaigns.

Anna Hernandez says:

This money will be great for Fresno and the GOP. Vidak all the way! I know that it’s only a drop in the bucket compared to what the unions spend against us, but you have to start somewhere. The GOP needs more supporters like Munger, I’m so sick of all of the money that the dems spend. Hopefully he’ll be able to get his friends to throw some cash out this way as well.

Grumpy says:

$150,000 for this?


Could have been far better spent had he cut checks to the Marjorie Mason Center, Big Brother Big Sister, and bought books for local libraries.

Joe says:

For anyone to suggest that Mr. Munger earned his money is ridiculous. His wealth comes from his father, a billionaire and investment partner with Warren Buffett. Mr. Munger is an experimental physicist at Stanford.

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