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Get your summer ozone game on

Ozone season came back with a vengeance in early June as temperatures spiked over the very warm weekend. Get your summer game on — avoid the afternoon peaks.

A breezy May left the San Joaquin Valley with only eight days when the ozone exceeded the federal standard.  It’s easy to forget about air quality in those conditions. Now the heat and ozone are here.

Over the weekend, the problem areas for ozone included Fresno, Clovis, Bakersfield, Hanford, Arvin, Porterville and Sequoia National Park.

Ozone is a corrosive gas that forms in warm, stagnant weather. It attacks the skin, eyes and lungs.

Even for healthy adults, it’s not a good idea to exercise in the late afternoons when this stuff peaks. If you have small children, try to keep them inside on the bad days.

How will you know when there’s a bad day ahead? Check with the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District for daily forecasts.

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