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Costa casts Measure G ballot, but he won’t say which way

As a Fresno resident, Rep. Jim Costa cast a Measure G ballot.

But Costa — a Democrat who represents around half of the city in Congress — refuses to say how he voted, or whether he supports or opposes the proposal to outsource Fresno’s residential trash pickup.

Rep. Jim Costa

Costa does say he was approached by both the pro- and anti-Measure G sides, who sought his backing. But he says he doesn’t want to get immersed in city politics, especially a battle as pitched as Measure G.

He added that when he first looked at Measure G, he felt it had merit, but the more he studied the issue, he came the conclusion that it was a local issue and he is an elected official at the federal level, and not at the city level.

Costa’s unwillingness to publicly declare a position on Measure G is directly opposite of the congressman who represents the other half of the city — Tulare Republican Devin Nunes.

Nunes not only supported Measure G, he also cut a radio ad for KMJ (AM 580) urging voters to approve the city initiative.


JO says:

I do not blame Mr. Costa at all for not stating his position on Measure G. He said it had merit, but that it was strictly a city issue; in other words – do not make a federal case out of it. As for Mr. Nunes doing a pro Measure G commercial, it is like with friends like that – who needs enemies; it probably spurred the no side more than the yes side. The trouble with Measure G, it became a partisan issue – a microcosm of the dysfunction in D.C. which is why most people stayed home instead of voting. It will be interesting how the no side now handles Fresno’s financial issues.

KSY says:

Speaker Tip O’Neill once said, “All politics are local”. I guess that does not apply to Mr. Costa because the Speaker l was a Democrat. That is the party label Mr. Costa uses every two years to get elected! The main question to ask is why are the local Democrats tolerating this arrogance and deception, and rallying around this DINO?

JO says:

True. But this is a horrendously conservative area – too much for its own good. A little progressiveness would go a long way, but as much as some of us would like to see that – we are still not at that point yet.

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