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Real Estate: Fresno council member pushes to cut development fees

(Fresno City Council Member Clint Olivier talks to reporters on a vacant lot owned by Sam Lucido on Clinton Avenue, near Highway 41.)

Fresno City Council Member Clint Olivier introduced on Thursday an act that would cut development impact fees for builders and encourage infill development within the city.

The Best Utilization of Infill Land Development Act, or BUILD, would eliminate fees for police, fire and park stations and for roads and traffic signals. The total can amount to more than $10,000.

Developers would still pay planning fees, and for water and sewer connection, Olivier said at a news conference on a vacant Clinton Avenue lot next to Highway 41.

The idea is to make it affordable for owners of vacant residential city lots, one-acre or smaller, to rebuild the homes that once stood there. There are nearly 3,000 empty lots collecting trash, weeds and inviting crime in the city, Olivier said.

Infill development “is critical to improving the lots inside the inner city, the urban core, and also to improve people’s lives,” Olivier said.

Here’s how it works: The planning office would consider the development fees already paid since vacant lots exist in neighborhoods where roads and light signals have already been built. The fees are typically collected for the initial development of a property, Olivier said.

Only residential lots would qualify, not commercial. The proposed project would also have to mirror what was on the lot before. A builder can’t decide to build a triplex on a lot where a single-family home once existed.

The BUILD Act is scheduled to be heard at the city council meeting on June 27.


JO says:

I do not always agree with Mr. Olivier, but this is good. I give him credit.

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