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Joseph Castro’s new digs get an upgrade

The abode that’s been home to Fresno State’s presidents is getting cosmetic upgrades this week in preparation for incoming leader Joseph Castro.

I visited the president’s home last Monday as outgoing President John Welty, who is retiring this month, boxed up the last of his belongings with his wife Sharon Brown-Welty. The 72-year-old house located on Van Ness Boulevard was jam packed with cardboard boxes — now, it’s empty and ready for enhancements.

The rooms in Fresno State’s president’s home are empty as repairs and renovations get started this week. Outgoing President John Welty officially moved out last Wednesday.

I touched base with Kathleen Schock, Fresno State media and development communications director, about the university’s plans to freshen up the 7,300-square-foot home.

New paint, carpets and fences are expected to cost about $125,000, which will be paid through state and private dollars. Certain rooms are already getting a facelift: Construction workers have discarded the home’s inside window coverings, decades-old carpet is ripped out and some of the property’s outdoor shrubbery has been dug up.

On tap for later this summer: add a mesh fence around the pool to make it toddler-friendly for Castro’s 2-year-old son Jess. Here are some photos of the renovations via Fresno State photographer Cary Edmondson.

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