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Touching story

As first reported by KGPE (Channel 47.1)’s Rachel Azevedo, a Fresno firefighter a few weeks ago revived a kitten he found inside a burned-out home.

The firefighter edited his helmet-cam video and posted “The Rescue” on Youtube.



Karen says:

That video was so touching. To see compassion and rescue of a little, helpless kitten by the fire department is the best. Respect given for life, human or animal eases my mind. I’ll know if something happened that my mom’s kitty will be rescued too. Kitty is family, was my mom’s kitty, and since mom passed away, kitty is the only living connection to my mom’s love, joy and happiness when she was alive. I promised to take care of kitty before she died. To know firemen will rescue kitty is reassuring.

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