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One Fresno County supervisor takes pay cut in solidarity with workers

Fresno County Supervisor Judy Case, unlike any other elected official in the county, is volunteering to take a pay cut.

Her 7% concession follows a story in The Bee last month, which reported that supervisors and other elected officials had their full salaries restored after agreeing to take voluntary pay reductions amid the down economy. Some even took raises, even as most rank-and-file workers remain stuck with 9% pay cuts.

“I can’t look our employees in the face if I’m not willing to do what they’re doing,” Case said Friday.

Her $107,273 annual salary is being lowered to $99,764, according to personnel officials.

What prompted Case to make the move is matter of debate.

At Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting, Case did what a lot of politicians do when they get caught doing something they don’t want to get out: blame the media. Case said that The Bee “misreported” that she stopped taking a voluntary pay reduction.

Truth be told: Case’s salary rose 7% on June 10, according to county personnel records.

The increase, which all supervisors got at some point in the past year, came when her voluntary reduction lapsed and she did not renew it. Personnel officials require employees to notify the Personnel Department if they want cuts to continue.

On Friday, Case told The Bee that she intended to renew her reduction but didn’t think she needed to do it until the start of the fiscal year July 1.

Any extra wages paid out above her reduced rate will be returned.

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