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Fresno Unified gets snacks grant

Forty-two Fresno Unified elementary schools will share in a slice of $11.4 million in state grants aimed at giving California kids an extra healthy snack throughout the school day, the California Department of Education announced Tuesday.

FUSD was one of several districts across the state awarded a portion of the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program grant this week.

The schools will share $111,240 to provide students with more fruit and vegetables between now and late September. The district will get a second chunk of change through the grant in October. Last year FUSD received $1.5 million through the program.

Schools where more than 50% of its student population qualify for free or reduced-price lunch are eligible for the grant. The snacks come in addition to students’ regular breakfast and lunch meal plans.

“Students too preoccupied with hunger don’t learn as well as well-nourished children,” Tom Torlakson, state superintendent of public instruction, said in a statement. “Often the only place students — especially ones from economically disadvantaged households — can get nutritious food is at school.”

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