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Real Estate: Fresno’s Section 8 waiting list opens 10 a.m. Tuesday

The Fresno Housing Authority will begin accepting online applications for its preliminary waiting list for Section 8 housing at 10 a.m. Tuesday.

The authority is opening the wait list for the first time in five years. Check out the story I wrote July 9 when the authority announced that it would accept applications.

This is your reminder. But remember applications will only be accepted online. Gone are the days of long lines and a first-come first-serve method. You can’t show up to the housing authority offices to apply.

Fresno residents can log onto to apply for free.

The waiting list will be open year round. Names will be picked at random from the list when a Section 8 or Housing Choice Voucher becomes available.


sabrina vera says:

thank you

Vanessa Molina says:

I have been trying to apply online and all the links are not working to apply for free. I paid the 14 dollars for the application as well and nothing happened. I am very disappointed about the difficulties for this process. When I’m in need for help.

BoNhia Lee says:

It’s my understanding that applying is free. The website was overloaded with users this morning, but was working. It is easier to get on this afternoon.

Cathy Rios says:

If the system is offering help then be grateful and take care of business and if its a good thing then use what they have to offer and then get established and be independent!!.. My God take the offer and move on and better your self …


On the first day of signups for housing choice voucher program . I was unable to sign on via my computer.

Yvonne Campos says:

I would like to enroll in the section 8 program

BoNhia Lee says:

Please visit to apply.

francis lewis says:

I’ve been on the waiting list so mine time i just never got a letter from Fresno county .I live on the street known where to live it was hard trying too go to school and keep up my grade up i hope this time i’m lucky to get

Guadalupe Balladarez says:

I have applied for the Section 8 voucher program. I would like to know what my statice is? please let me know; thank you.

BoNhia Lee says:

You’ll have to contact the Fresno Housing Authority. My understanding is that your name will go onto a waiting list. When housing vouchers become available – usually 100 are every month – the authority will randomly pull names from the waiting list. If your name is selected you will be screened for eligibility.

Lina Vue says:

When will the applicant portal open? So is the housing vouchers available yet? I’m very excited about this and I do hope I’m one of the winner! Good luck for all!

Bernadine Seta says:

I have apply for section 8 still waiting Thank You

Quentin waller says:

I’ve been on the section8 waiting list since it first open up..I strongly believe it is a race thing because there’s no way a person who is a us citizens should be denied the right of a second chance to become a better person…what if I was your family member living on the street…sincerely Waller

pam hall says:

Iapplied for the section8 program when it first opened up again,but didnot recieve a confirmation # will this affect my application&will I be able to see my statis on the site?Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.Sincerely, Pam Hall

BoNhia Lee says:

You should call the Fresno Housing Authority. I don’t know the specifics on what happens beyond applying for the program.

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