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Senate leaders to campaign for Vidak, Perez this weekend

Just how important is the 16th state Senate battle between Democrat Leticia Perez and Republican Andy Vidak?

Well, the two candidates and the various independent groups backing either of the two have collectively spent $4.5 million on the special election to replace Bakersfield Democrat Michael Rubio, who resigned in February.

But quite probably an even bigger measure is that heading into this final weekend ahead of Tuesday’s election, both Senate leaders will personally visit the district, which covers all of Kings County and parts of Kern, Tulare and Fresno counties.

Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, the Democratic leader, will spent Sunday with Perez. The visit will be highlighted by 3 p.m. rally at the Hinton Community Center, 2385 S. Fairview Ave. in Fresno.

This is Steinberg’s first district visit in support of Perez.

Not to be outdone, Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff is also coming south from Sacramento — and a day earlier.

Huff has already campaigned in the district on Vidak’s behalf several times. This time, he’ll visit Vidak’s campaign headquarters in Hanford starting at 11:00 a.m. today. The office is at 101 N. Irwin Street, Suite 110.


Omar Chatty says:

HSR is a one-shot “job” creator, but tax-sucking subsidized, toll-road funded (i.e. SR152 -SR99 Trade Corridor Transweb plan)deal as Spain found out as the largest HSR trackage EU country, but with 25% unemployment, 50% under 25, poor road mobility, and HSR debt comprising 1/2 of its critical EU debt. The Central Valley, Republican leadership, and the Vidak campaign must seek to redirect HSR $ to SR99 (without tolls!), SR152 (without tolls), SR58, 198, 43, 41, 46, 65, 180 etc and other economic activity-generating roads. Especially widen I-5 to make it safer (see other Bee article about major injury accident in the north, @Williams) on overburdened 4-lane I-5 that was opened in 1972. I-5, backbone surface commerce road, is designed for low-cost widening up to 8 lane ultimate width w/o new ROW or eminent domain needs. Vidak & Repubs should fight to stop HSR and spend to employ flexible, multi-use, 24/7, all-weather revenue-generating, self-funding roads via existing road user taxes, fees, surcharges, fines, penalties etc. Proof: go near SR99 or I-5 or other highway to see the huge number of commercial and private vehicles–each one generating commerce and $$$ for communities, enabling jobs. Not so the HSR boondoggle that only carries passengers. Vidak is thinking of all the lost jobs if HSR pax numbers are true who will no longer go to interchange shops, gas stations, casinos nearby and other road-based economic activity…even worst for road-based Teamsters when the Democrats unveil their EU and other countries tie-in of adjacent toll roads to fund HSR operating costs. Yes, sir. Freemotorist blog…

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