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Dueling news releases hit Costa, Valadao on education bill

The congressional public-relations machinery otherwise known as the National Republican Congressional Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee offered up two widely divergent viewpoints on a piece of GOP-backed legislation.

As usual, the Republicans went after Fresno Democrat Jim Costa, and the Democrats targeted Hanford Republican David Valadao.

Here’s the two headlines from a news release on a bill dubbed the “Student Success Act” — “Jim Costa Wants Fewer Opportunities For Students,” the NRCC said in a release. And from the Democrats: “Valadao Lets Students Down — Again.”

Here are the takes:

The NRCC said Costa’s vote on the “Student Success Act, a common-sense measure,” was “a true disservice to millions of students across the country.

“Unfortunately, Jim Costa wants more bureaucratic interference in our children’s education. Instead of giving control back to parents, Costa simply believes that Washington has all the answers.”

But the DCCC had a much different viewpoint. It called the bill the “Letting Students Down Act,” and said it was “an extremely partisan measure that would gut education funding by billions of dollars and undermine our students’ ability to compete globally for jobs.

“Once again, Congressman Valadao’s priorities are out of whack with California; he would rather let students down than help them succeed,” the DCCC’s Emily Bittner said in the release.

Can it be both ways?

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