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Fresno already has 31 triple-digit days this summer

How hot has it been? Fresno already has 31 days at 100 degrees or higher this year, and the average for an entire summer is 36.

But the heat will have to keep blasting for Fresno to equal last year’s total — 48.  As I have written already, August was very warm last year with 23 days at or above 100 degrees.

There was one other thing I saw in the 2012 numbers that seemed interesting: October had two triple-digit days. I checked October data all the way back to 1996, and did not find a 100-degree day.

I have emailed the National Weather Service in Hanford to find out how long ago there was another triple-digit Fresno day in October.


8TM says:

October 1980, 1st through 5th: 100, 101, 101, 102, 101. Wunderground lists no hundreds ever having occurred any later in the month than that.

Mark Grossi says:

Thank you, 8TM. Wow, 1980. That’s many Octobers ago. I didn’t think to check Weather Underground. I will next time.

Mark Grossi says:

Sean Boyd, reader and Fresno State lecturer, left a link to show that the latest October triple digit in Fresno was Oct. 14, 1978:

Thank you, Sean.

8TM says:

Now how the heck did I miss Oct 14,‘78? I’da sworn… Oddly, when I plug that date in to Wunderground it lists the actual high having been 99, but the record for that date having been set… in 1978 at 100°.

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