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Real Estate: Two parcels of residential land in Fresno are for sale

A land brokerage company has listed for sale two Fresno properties zoned for residential development.

The first is a 12.06-acre property called Hamilton Estates next to the Sunnyside Golf Course in southeast Fresno, according to Land Advisors Organization. The owners are listed as Bernard Alan and Rebecca Te Velde.

The property is approved for 45 lots averaging about 6,750 square feet in size, the brokerage company said.

The second property for sale is a 15.5-acre parcel on North Blythe Avenue and West Dakota Avenue, west of Highway 99.

The property, owned by Sharp Norcal Partners LLC, has an expired map for 64 single-family detached lots. The seller is remapping the site to allow for 77 lots that are about 6,000 square feet in size.


Kenneth Suarez says:

I see. So they are trying to make a subdivision by dividing the lots for people to purchase and live. I’d like to know more about it. Think I’ll do some research.

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