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Study: California ranks 16th for highest average tuition price

California ranks 16th among states with the highest average college tuition costs according to a new study from Affordable Colleges Online.

Students and their families will pay an average of $8,705 each year in in-state tuition and fees to attend one of California’s public schools, the survey showed.

That’s about $5,300 less than average New Hampshire public university tuition ($14,017) — which ranked No. 1 on the list — and about $4,700 more than schools in Florida ($3,980), which was the least expensive state on the ranking.

Vermont ($13,507 on average per year), Pennsylvania ($12,112) and Illinois ($11,992) were also among the most costly states on the list, while Nevada $4,245), Wyoming ($4,278) and Utah ($5,477) joined Florida near the bottom.

Among western states, only Arizona ($9,512) was more spendy than California.

The study from Affordable Colleges Online, a website that aims to help students make cost-saving decisions when they apply to college, looked at four-year, public degree-granting institutions. Each school was evaluated based on tuition prices and the average amount students spend per year — and over four years.

It used information from the National Center for Education Statistics and the Carnegie Foundation to compile the report.

Western states ranking:

1. Arizona, $9,512

2. California, $8,705

3. Oregon, $8,152

4. Washington, $8,010

5. Colorado, $7,341

6. Montana, $6,101

7. Idaho, $5,968

8. New Mexico, $5,508

9. Utah, $5,477

10. Wyoming, $4,278

11. Nevada, $4,245

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