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Orth to test out posting late campaign reports online in 3 days

Fresno County Supervisor Andreas Borgeas’ proposal to revamp the political rules for he and his board colleagues landed like a thud. Borgeas couldn’t even get his fellow supervisors to discuss the proposal.

Borgeas’ high-profile suggestions included three-term limits on supervisors and capping campaign contributions that are currently unlimited. With the proposal’s quick death last week, it has zero chance of going anywhere — at least for the foreseeable future.

Fresno County Clerk Brandi Orth

But Borgeas’ proposal had a third component — asking county Clerk Brandi Orth to implement a policy in her office to put all late contribution reports online no later than three days after they are received.

Currently, there is no time requirement to put the documents online, though they are eventually posted by Fresno County officials on a voluntary basis.

But next year, Orth says, her office is going to tryout posting the reports online within three days.

She isn’t certain it will work because her office won’t have any additional staff and they are already really busy during the election season. This will add one more duty.

But, Orth said, it’s worth taking on as a pilot project because “I like to provide as much information to the public as I can.”

A new law is also kicking in that will change the rules.

As it is now, county candidates who spend or receive $1,000 or more in the final 16 days leading up to an election must make a report to the county within a day. The change in state law will push that window from 16 days before an election to three months before.

The documents will be available immediately to anyone who comes to the clerk’s office on Kern Street in downtown Fresno. But counties are not required put those documents online. Fresno County started doing that awhile back as time permitted.

Orth plans to track the test project and track the volume of submissions and how fast her staff can post them online. If things go well, Orth may continue the effort to quickly post the documents online.

She also said it only applies to county offices such as the supervisors, county assessor, and others.


b2burns says:

Andreas Borgeas’ proposal is proof that politicians in both parties overlegislate and thereby reduce our liberties. We voters will decide who we want to represent us, even when we don’t have our hands out for public bennies!

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