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GOP still recovering from Prop. 187 fallout

Christopher Cadelago of The Sacramento Bee’s Capitol Bureau files this report:

Nearly two decades after its controversial passage, Gov. Pete Wilson’s Proposition 187 continues to haunt the Republican Party in California and across the U.S.

A new report from Latino Decisions, a firm that analyzes demographics and voting trends, argues California could have remained a presidential battleground state — with Democrats and Republicans vying for more congressional and legislative seats here — were it not for Proposition 187 and later measures that mobilized Latino voters.

Proposition 187, most of which has been invalidated, would have denied various public services to undocumented immigrants. Latino partisanship has grown to more than 70% Democratic since the group first comprised more than 10% of the state electorate in 1996.

The massive shifts could have broad impacts on the nation, with Latinos nationally poised to swing 24 GOP-held congressional seats in 2014 and 2016 in states such as Nevada, Florida, Colorado and North Carolina, said Gary M. Segura, a politics professor at Stanford University who worked on the study.

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b2burns says:

If you can’t beat Pete at the polls, beat him in the history books, right?

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