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Controller labels cities, districts as late filers, but some deny it

John Chiang

State Controller John Chiang sent out a list this week of cities and special districts that he said are tardy in filing required financial reports with the state.

Several are from the central San Joaquin Valley.

“Lindsey” — Lindsay is the correct spelling — didn’t file, nor did Firebaugh, according to the list.

Lindsay finance director Tamara Laken had the class to take responsibility for failing to file the 2010-11 Cities Transactions Report, also known as an audit.

“It is an oversight on my part,” she said.

Laken has a pretty good excuse in that her predecessor was on medical leave for months, and the previous city manager suddenly resigned, leaving staff to pick up the pieces.

As for the misspelled “Lindsey,” Laken said “however you spell it” she still didn’t file the audit, but will do so early next week.

Attempts to reach Firebaugh were unsuccessful.

Also on the list is the obscure Friant Power Authority, a group of irrigation districts that has hydro generators at Friant Dam. General Manager Bill Carlisle said they file their reports every year, but the state just can’t get it straight that the authority moved from Tulare County to Kern 13 years ago, yet keeps dinging it as a Tulare County agency that didn’t file.

“We get this every year,” he said.

Others on the list:  Coalinga-Huron Mosquito Abatement District.  Tulare District Healthcare System, Deer Creek Storm Water District, Del Rey Community Services District, Excelsior-Kings River Resource Conservation District, Goshen CSD, Lindsay-Strathmore Cemetery District, Lindsay-Strathmore Memorial District, Porterville Memorial District and Patterson Tract CSD and Atwell Island Water District.

Click here to read more from The Sacramento Bee’s Capitol Alert about Chiang’s list, including a link to it.

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