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Fresno call center isn’t the only target in B of A’s layoff crosshairs

Bank of America’s plans to close its Fresno customer-service call center by next August represent another step in the company’s overall downsizing.

The company didn’t say how many workers will lose their jobs at the Fresno location on North Palm Avenue, but the call center opened in 2000 with about 475 employees. Some social media posts say the number of employees working there now, and who will lose their jobs, is closer to 700.

The company will eventually have to file mandatory notices with the state Employment Development Department detailing the number and types of jobs to be lost.  But that notice isn’t required until 60 days before the layoffs take effect.

Jennifer Darwin, a bank spokeswoman, told The Bee in a statement that the work done at the Fresno call center will be shuffled “to other centers across the country.” But there are rumors and rumblings among workers that the jobs are destined to be outsourced to other countries, perhaps in the Philippines.

The Charlotte Business Journal reported last week that B of A is continuing to put a new efficiency program in place in an effort to reduce its annual expenses by about $8 billion a year. The “Project New BAC” expects to slice nearly 30,000 employees from the company’s payroll.

Earlier this year, the Wall Street Journal reported that Bank of America planned to cut about 16,000 jobs by the end of this year.


Edilberto Durano says:

This is such a sad news. Alot of people will become unemployed because of this move.

Stephen A. Montgomery says:

Apparently customer’s wait times with repeated recorded messages telling them how important their call is and how they are receiving higher than normal call volumes aren’t long enough to make them hang up in frustration.

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