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Political Notebook: No challengers for Clovis Council incumbents Ashbeck, Magsig

For the second straight Clovis Council election, there will be no election.

Incumbents Lynne Ashbeck and Nathan Magsig were up for election next March on the five-member board, but no challengers stepped forward during the filing period that ended last Friday.

In fact, only two people besides Ashbeck and Magsig even pulled nomination papers, though neither returned them.

During the filing period for the 2011 Clovis election, 10 people pulled papers — and none returned them to challenge the incumbents. That election was canceled and incumbents Harry Armstrong, Jose Flores and Bob Whalen were all appointed to the council for four more years.

The same thing will now happen to Ashbeck and Magsig.

Both had immediately said they would seek re-election when the filing period opened last month.

“You never know what to expect in government and politics,” Magsig said.

He has no idea, he said, why no challengers stepped forward.

“All I can say is I’m honored the citizens of Clovis will be giving me an opportunity to serve another four years in office,” he said. “I think we’ve got a great council.”

The good news for Clovis residents is the city will save the estimated $150,000 cost to put on the election.

On the other hand, some political watchers say it isn’t good for the democratic process when elected officials don’t have to stand for reelection — even if they are doing a good job.

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