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Real Estate: Community Housing Council helps 2,200 homeowners

Housing counseling programs are sharing their accomplishments with the public as 2012 comes to an end.

The Community Housing Council of Fresno, a counseling agency that serves homeowners throughout the Valley, has provided foreclosure help to more than 2,200 homeowners since 2008.

The agency and other counseling organizations nationwide received funding from the National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling Program that pays for counseling services and training for counselors.

The national program was created by Congress in December 2007 to address the foreclosure crisis by increasing housing counseling opportunities for families. Since then, Congress has awarded the program a total of $619.87 million.

In turn, the program has helped 1.5 million at-risk homeowners nationwide. It is administered by NeighborWorks America, a nonprofit trainer of community development and affordable housing professionals.

“The latest report shows that the program helped save homeowners, local governments, and lenders approximately $920 million,” said Eileen Fitzgerald, chief executive officer for NeighborWorks America CEO. “The program could not have achieved this success without the CHC and other NFMC program organizations.”

The housing council’s executive director, however, celebrates this achievement with words of caution. While foreclosure activity in the Valley has slowed in recent months, the threat of foreclosure still remains for thousands of homeowners, John Shore said.

“Even though there are signs that the housing industry is recovering, there are still a serious number of Valley homeowners that are struggling to make their house payments,” Shore said.

“They need to know that there is help and that help is provided to them at no cost through the NFMC program.”
For more information about foreclosure help programs, call the housing council at (559) 221-6919 or visit

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