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One more name to add to 2012’s notable deaths

An astute Bee reader noticed this week that the paper’s list of memorable deaths in 2012 didn’t include at least one worthy mention: Betty J. Ramacher.

Longtime followers of Fresno County politics might remember Ramacher for her five years on the Board of Supervisors during the 1980s.

Ramacher brought a long resume of community activism and Democrat politicking to the board’s District 3 seat, which represents the diverse central Fresno area.

“There was no question that she was very progressive in her thinking,” said Supervisor Henry Perea, who currently represents the district. “She was a big champion of health care and children’s issues.”

At her home — in Fresno’s Tower District — Ramacher advocated for her son Eric, who was disabled and lived with her until he died at 53.

Before politics, Ramacher worked as a teacher in Caruthers and ran a dress shop in Fig Garden.

She passed in November at 86.

Ramacher’s second child, Mary Mooradian, lives in the area. She is married with four children.

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