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Haven’t paid your state taxes? You could lose your license!

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More than a dozen Valley business owners have the unfortunate distinction of being on the latest quarterly edition of debtors who owe the most in past-due sales and use taxes to the state Board of Equalization.

Of 500 debtors on the list released Friday, 14 are from Fresno, Madera, and Tulare counties. Their debts range from about $454,000 to more than $3.1 million, and the oldest dates back nearly 20 years.

To put additional bite into the list, state law requires the Board of Equalization to provide the Top 500 list to other state agencies. Taxpayers on the list can be subject to penalties that affect any state licenses they may have, including driver’s licenses, occupational or professional licenses, and they may be barred from entering into contracts with state agencies.

Here’s the list for the fourth quarter of 2012, along with the amounts owed and the first lien date reported by the state:

  • Central Valley Food Services Inc., dba Jack in the Box, Fresno — $3,110,382 (2008)
  • Kings Drywall Inc., dba Kings Drywall Supply, Selma — $2,569,114 (2011)
  • Up-Right Inc., Madera — $1,598,993 (2011)
  • Partnership of Linda R. Wade and Mark William Wade, dba Grandma’s Kitchen, Fresno — $1,091,693 (1993)
  • Curt’s Auto Repair Inc., dba Oakhurst Shell Oil Co., Oakhurst — $939,894 (2001)
  • Bob Silva Ford, Fresno — $654,095 (2010)
  • Plasencia Incorporated, dba Mario’s Auto Sales, Cutler — $624,643 (2008)
  • Mario Plasencia, Dinuba — $620,768 (2010)
  • Partnership of Gregory D. Gonzales and Roger Paul Toschi, dba Vernon’s Chevron Service, Madera — $619,934 (2008)
  • Savino Navarro Lara, Firebaugh — $596,100 (2002)
  • Jack Dubeau Champ Chevrolet Buick Inc., dba Champion Chevrolet Buick, Firebaugh — $553,369 (2005)
  • John Bernard Dubeau, Fresno — $550,784 (2008)
  • Roger Rose, Tulare — $457,773 (2012)
  • Ameriwest Inc., Visalia — $454,305 (2010)

Something new this quarter from the Board of Equalization is an interactive map that shows the location of each debtor among the Top 500.

The Board of Equalization issues the Top 500 list every quarter. Businesses on the list are notified 30 days in advance, giving them a chance to settle their debt or set up an installment program. Amounts that are paid through installments, or are in the midst of bankruptcy, litigation or appeals, are not included on the list.

Business: Valley’s biggest tax debtors risk losing state licenses

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Ahoy, mateys. If you owe the state of California more than $100,000 in sales taxes or income taxes, prepare to be plundered — or at least lose your contractor’s, driver’s or other professional license if you don’t pay up.

The state Franchise Tax Board, which oversees personal and corporate income taxes, and the Board of Equalization, which handles sales and use taxes owed by businesses, recently updated their lists of delinquent taxpayers who owe the most in back taxes. Sadly, there are several Valley businesses and residents who made the lists of California’s biggest tax scofflaws.

A law introduced by Assembly Member Henry T. Perea, D-Fresno, kicked in last January that allows the state to suspend, or deny applications or renewals of, state-issued licenses for those who owe back taxes as a means of applying leverage to encourage payments. That includes driver’s licenses and occupational or professional licenses.

“There are doctors, lawyers and business people on this list who owe as much as $10 million in back taxes to the state,” Perea said in a written statement. “This should be a wake-up call to them to accept responsibiltiy and pay what they owe.”

Among debtors on the list from Fresno and the Valley, the largest is a Selma company, Kings Drywall Inc., which the Board of Equalization reports owes more than $2.5 million on a tax bill from February 2011.

The oldest debt in the Valley belongs to a business partnership of Linda Wade and Mark Wade of Fresno which did business as Grandma’s Kitchen. That bill, for more than $1 million in past-due sales or use taxes to the Board of Equalization, dates all the way back to October 1993.

You can see the local tax debtors from the two lists by clicking here. The complete statewide list of the 500 largest income tax debtors can be found at this link, and the 500 largest sales/use tax delinquent debtors is available here.