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State’s health screening tool changes for Lanare, Riverdale zip code

You can look up your zip code on the final version of the state’s new health screening tool to find out the risk of living wherever you live in California. And you will find it here.

I wrote about this in March for a story about West Fresno, which is ranked the most dangerous place anywhere in the state. The Bee links to the tool have been updated.

I noted at least one change. There are bound to be others.

The change I saw was in the 93656 zip code for Lanare and Riverdale in southwest Fresno County. In the previous version of the tool, the zip was ranked among the top 10% of the riskiest places to live. The new tool shows it is in the top 20%.

I noticed the score for the category on low birth weights had been lowered, meaning there was not as much risk as previously thought.

It may seem like a small change, but these rankings will be used to prioritize the spending of some money raised at cap-and-trade auctions.

New system for eyewitness reports of hazards, illegal dumping

Fresno County residents today can begin reporting illegal dumping, pesticide drifts, vandalism, water contamination and many other  hazards or nuisances just by texting, emailing or calling.

They can use the Fresno Environmental Reporting Network, which is being launched by community groups, health advocacy organizations and government agencies, which have joined in a partnership.

The network, funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, is designed to eliminate layers of bureaucracy that might confuse people.

Based on a successful model in Imperial County, the network uses popular technology such as online reporting and texting so eyewitness accounts of local problems can be reported quickly and accurately, 24 hours a day.

Residents will generate the first set of community reports today, highlighting environmental and health violations they see in their own communities.